Bertoni, Giulio

(Modena 1878 - Roma 1942)
filologo, critico letterario e linguista
collab./opere: “Giornale storico della letteratura italiana”

Dizionario biografico elementare del Novecento letterario italiano. 2014.

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  • Giulio Bertoni — (* 26. August 1878 in Modena, Italien; † 28. Mai 1942 in Rom) war ein italienischer Romanist. In seinen Werken befasste er sich mit der Geschichte der italienischen Literatur und den italienischen Mundarten. Inhaltsverzeichnis 1 Leben 2 Schriften …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Bertoni — ist der Familienname folgender Personen: Andrea Bertoni (1444 1483), italienischer Servit, Seliger Arnoldo de Winkelried Bertoni (1878–1973), paraguayischer Zoologe Augusto Bertoni (1818 1853), italienischer Poet und Politiker des Risorgimento… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Bartoli, Matteo Giulio — ► (1873 1946) Lingüista italiano. Escribió, junto con Giulio Bertoni, el manifiesto fundacional de la escuela neolingüística: Breviario de neolingüística …   Enciclopedia Universal

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  • Aycart del Fossat — Aycart or Aicart del Fossat or Aicardo de Fossato (fl. 1250 ndash;68) was a troubadour from Le Fossat in Ariège. To him are attributed one sirventes and a partimen with Girard Cavalaz. The sirventes is about the victory of Charles of Anjou over… …   Wikipedia

  • Lanfranc Cigala — (or Cicala) (Italian: Lanfranco, Occitan: Lafranc; fl. 1235–1257) was a Genoese nobleman, knight, judge, and man of letters of the mid thirteenth century. He remains one of the most famous Occitan troubadours of Lombardy. Thirty two of his poems… …   Wikipedia

  • Perceval Doria — [His first name is also spelled Percival in English, Percivalle in Italian, and Perseval or Persival in Occitan.] (1195 ndash; 1264) was a Genoese naval and military leader in the thirteenth century. A Ghibelline, he was a partisan of the… …   Wikipedia

  • Obs de Biguli — (fl. 1220) was a troubadour from Lombardy and one of the few troubadours known by name none of whose works survive. He is mentioned by name only in a poem by Guilhem Raimon: N Obs de Biguli se plaing Tant es iratz e dolenz, A Deu e pois a las… …   Wikipedia

  • Scotto (troubadour) — Scotto, Scotz, or Scot was a Genoese troubadour of the mid thirteenth century. His identity is shrouded in obscurity and scholars have suggested that his full name was perhaps Ogerio Scotto, Alberto Scotto, or Scotto Scotti. A document of 25… …   Wikipedia

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